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The Pastorals and Movements are an invitation for every baptized person, as a missionary disciple, to assume the mandate of Jesus Christ: "Go into the whole world and proclaim the Good News to every creature!" (Mk 16.15).

Community Dimension

The Community Dimension organizes a structure of Pastorals that promotes fertile ground for a greater flowering of vocations and that recognizes and values all vocations and ministries prompted by the Spirit. Part of this dimension are:

Infinite love

Apostolate of Prayer

brotherhood of the holy

Christianity Cursillo

ECC – Encounter of Couples with Christ

EJC – Youth Meeting with Christ “Follow Me”

Altar Ladies

Pious Union of the Daughters of Mary

Pastoral of Welcome

Pastoral of the Tithing


Biblical Catechetical Dimension

This dimension meets the needs of the parish with ongoing formation of children, young people, adults and the elderly, seeking the growth of all towards a real experience of fraternal love (agape) and Christian knowledge. Part of this dimension are:

Catechetical Pastoral

Baptism Ministry

Missionary Dimension

This dimension of the Church's pastoral action ensures that the spirit of those sent to evangelize everyone remains always alive and attentive, reaching out to those who do not seek us, with specific pastoral activities of mission. Part of this dimension are:

“Thrice Admirable Mother Queen” Movement 

Catholic Charismatic Renovation

Dimension  Transforming Partner

Saint James in his letters speaks very clearly: “Faith without works is dead”. The Gospel has to be translated into works of brotherly love, works of mercy. Evangelizing also means fighting to establish the civilization of love, and dreaming of creating a more just and fraternal world. This dimension responds to this strength, which comes from within the heart of Jesus and leads us to work concretely, in the transformation of society, freeing the person and the family from the bonds of social sin.  Part of this dimension are:

Pastoral Ministry of Communication - PASCOM

Children's Pastoral

Pastoral of Consolation

Family Ministry

Pastoral Care of the Elderly

Health Ministry

Pastoral for Widowers


Liturgical Dimension

What would it be like for a Church that did not seek an encounter with God? In the sacred liturgy, the people of the faithful meet God and God speaks to his people. “Celebrating is an integral part of human life” and we do it in the encounter with our fellow men, in the same faith, in the same desire to praise, ask, thank and express our adhesion to the God of Jesus Christ. In the liturgy it is Jesus himself who comes to join us, in the power of the Spirit, for the great and total adoration of God. Part of this dimension are:

Ministers and altar servers

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharistic Communion – MECE

liturgical pastoral

Ministry of Music

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